Friday, April 29, 2011

Stamford's Thumbs- Up Story for the Month of April: Fairway Does Good Deeds for the Community

Here in Southeastern Fairfield County we are starved for good news...

(We wish we could keep Superintendent of Schools Joshua Starr here in Stamford for another 4 years....but Montgomery County Maryland is one of the most highly educated communities in the US and has a student enrollment of 144, 000 and education budget- at $2.1 Billion- ten times those of Stamford.)

So when a feel good story comes along, it's got to be publicized.

Fairway Market in the South End of town opened in November of last year.

As part of their true community spirit, Fairway formed a' partnership' with St. Lukes Lifeworks, a social service agency which provides the homeless a shelter and an opportunity to turn their lives around by fighting homelessness and joblessness. Many have been fighting substance abuse, mental problems as well as criminal backgrounds.

Fairway has given jobs to a number of residents from St. Lukes allowing them the opportunity to get back on their feet and get their own apartments.

In addition, week-long fundraising events have been planned in which proceeds will be donated to St. Lukes.

Hats off to Fairway.

The blogger is indebted for the excellent reporting by the Stamford Advocate on these upbeat tidings. Click here to read the entire story.

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