Friday, April 29, 2011

On the way to Night Flight Part II: A word of thanks to All my Instructors over the Past 30 Years

Stearman Bi-Plane similar to the one Alan Kline
and I flew in back in the early 1980's

Part I can be read by clicking here. You will shortly be able to skip this short introductory accolade and access Part II by clicking here.

Private pilot flying should be and must be a pleasurable enjoying experience. Why else invest all those hard earned dollars to accumulate all those hours in pursuit of your next rating?

And so, before I have some fun discussing the excitement (the upsides and downsides) of night flying Part II... a word of thanks is in order.

So...A word of thanks to the many experienced pilots I have had the good fortune to train and fly with: first California pilots: Dennis, Orville and David from Butte County; Tim Rahn and Johnny Moore from Plumas County.

....and the Oregon pilots: Al Stockstead and Alan Kline of Lane County (for an aerobatic experience in his Stearman).

....And the Connecticut pilots Lloyd Salisbury and Yuval Hedaya of Executive Air (now Arrow Aviation) in Fairfield County.

...For with their input, dedication and passion for flying-- they have inspired me to be a competent pilot under all VFR or marginal VFR conditions--but, above all to celebrate the art of flying--now that I've been 'up' as pilot in command for 30 years!

Now onto Part II...shortly to be posted.

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