Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November 3, 2009: Election day thoughts..

It's election day here in Stamford, CT. And a balmy 63 degrees at 2 PM. Electors are going to the polls to elect a new Mayor. Dan Malloy is 'retiring' after 12 years to seek a higher office--the Governorship of our state, to serve us in Hartford.

It's a toss-up between Dave Martin and Michael Pavia. Martin is a senior partner and owner of Michael Allen Co, a management -consulting firm whose clients are primarily Fortune 500 companies. He has served 26 years on the Board of Representatives. In the Advocate Voter's Guide 2009 supplement, published on 10/30/09, Dave says:

"....I have a deep understanding of our city and experience with issues. We have become one of the country's safest, most successful small cities--with an active downtown, a quality school system, and wonderful parks--a great place to live and work...'

I do agree with Dave's remarks. A recent transplant to CT in 2005, via No. New Jersey (10 years) Texas (2 years), Maryland (2 years), Oregon (Eugene is a close contender with Stamford for quality of life), both No. and So. California (18 years) and New York City and NYS, (30 plus years), I can attest that our City is indeed safe with a quality education system ( I have substitute taught in all schools in Town) and an excellent place to start a mentoring business here with clients in CT, NYS, FLA and Texas.

Sparring off with Martin is Michael Pavia. He is Founder/owner of a commercial real estate development group and is a residential home builder. I met Michael about a year ago at a diner where he was campaigning; though we did not discuss issues, he impressed me with having a certain charisma. In the Advocate, Pavia says he will

"....change the status quo Day one...I created 1,000 local jobs and built 200 homes that add over $1 million/year to our tax rolls."

My vote is going to Martin for two reasons. He had dedicated so many years to local government public service; secondly, I am inundated almost daily with costly 4x6 direct mail slick 4-color pieces from Pavia, which I throw away. I get 10 pieces from him versus one, maybe two from Martin. With these tough times, I find it quite offensive that he is so lavish in his spending whereas all that money could go into feeding the homeless, providing more shelter for the dispossessed, etc. There are less ostentatious marketing tools to get our attention.

(I wonder if any of the candidates has seen this video about our Nation's housing crisis , which I will discuss in my next blog. It is introduced by our own, Sen. Chris Dodd:

They are both qulified individuals. May the best man win!

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