Monday, November 9, 2009

Capturing Fall along the Merritt Parkway

She is turning 70 years old next year and she has 68 Bridges along her mellow meandering 38 mile path, but to me The Merritt displays her inherent beauty from exits 35 to 27., especially in fall.
Twice a week, amidst a busy schedule of servicing clients, I manage brief excursions to visit two homebound friends of mine in Greenwich. It is mid day and I can take a leisurely drive at 65MPH, and behold the roseate, rusty, redness of an autumn in bloom, diamond shimmering lakes and golf course(s) and the neo-modern bridges at exits 33 (Den Road, Stamford), Exit 31 (North Avenue) and Exit 28 (Round Hill Road).
So, one day I had to stop and do a photomontage and video shoot to share the beauty of my trip.

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