12 Tips for Better Mentoring

So you think you want to be a mentor!

Here are a few pointers.

1. Keep in mind that we are all fallible humans that learn only from our mistakes. So becoming the mentor you want to be is in reality a process of trial and error.

2. Be patient! You might think you have the knowledge, but do you possess the skills to become a competent communicator? If in doubt, join Toastmasters and work your way by gradual steps to earn yourCompetent Communicator certificate. And remember it is, perhaps, more important to develop listening skills (as well), to learn to read and react appropriately to your audience, be it consisting of one person or many people.

3. Develop and continue to develop proficiencies in your specialty. This means continuing education in your field: staff development courses, seeking out and joining workshops,seminars in your field and reading the leading journals and cutting edge books in your area.

4. Become computer literate. Learn basic HTML code and start blogging about your interests.

5. Learn how the IT field intersects your field of interest. Attend in person and logon to IT shows/conventions/seminars.

6. Establish a linkedin profile and begin inviting known friends to join your network.

7. Start following websites, twitters and linkedin groups that interest you.

8.. Develop your own website and start laying the foundation for others to see your strengths, accomplishments--YOUR EXPERTISE. (It has taken me over 10 years, perhaps a lifetime of growth, to develop mine--that is before I even went online.)

9. Be humble: don't pad, make up, fantasize on your website the person who you are. Only list verifiable degrees, accomplishments, etc. If you do it right, you will be discovered-- in time!

10. Gain experience instructing (and tutoring, of course) courses in your area--be it on the pre-school, elementary, middle school, high school, Community College, 4-year College or University levels--in your church, synagogue or mosque--at the local playground, baseball diamond, tennis court, etc. ( There is a shortage of K-12 teachers and Adjunct College Professors, especially in the sciences and math. So many new and old charter schools are hungry for good teachers! So start phoning around.)

11. Be sure to update your resume frequently and post your accomplishments online via Twitter- Blog- Facebook- YouTube- Linkedin, etc.

12. Network, network, network constantly-- especially via phone and by showing up IN PERSON to local events.

Remember, act in a fashion, dress in the mode and develop the skills-- in accordance with the person you would like to become. THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS, PERIOD!

Good Luck