Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fairway Market enters its fourth year serving the Stamford Community and it's-- a winner!

It's hard to believe that it's already three years plus since Fairway Market opened in Stamford's South End.

Is it "like no Other Market" as its logo claims? Well, it does have a nice open feel to it.

85,000 square feet makes it the largest supermarket in town.

Whenever I go, it is easy to get around--never heavy customer traffic. It seems there are more employees than paying customers.

The produce department greets you as you enter and the display is always fresh, colorful and reasonably priced.
Next, I hit the fresh pickle department, then choose various soups and humuses-kosher of course.

For those who want to sample olive oils, there must be about a dozen to try with Italian bread.

The sit down cafe and salad bar area is inviting:  airy, spacious and never crowded--a perfect place to enjoy the store's free WiFi.

The kosher food department is well stocked with ample displays of fresh rotisserie prepared chickens, delicious packaged chicken marsala, ground turkey marinara, fresh cole slaw, potato salad, frozen chicken livers, and a fantastic assortment of steaks, lamb chops, etc.

The bakery department is a pleasure to shop and there are so many items that are pareve.

The checkout is always fast and the store help is courteous.

All in all, barring the drive to the south end, a biweekly visit to Fairway is a pleasant experience.

Not to mention the ample parking!

Have a great day, all!

Friday, February 21, 2014

An Olympic Video Moment: Victor Ahn takes Russia's first short track gold

Victor Ahn celebrates his gold medal 
for Short Track 1000 Meter  speed skating 
photo from nbcolympics.com

A former athlete for South Korea when he took his first gold, Ahn next takes gold for Russia in this video posted by nbc.olympics.com