Sunday, September 23, 2018

Thomas Edison Rest Stop is Closed: Finding Comfort in New Jersey Two Years after my Sister's Passing

The Thomas Edison Rest Stop along the 
New Jersey Turnpike is closed for Renovations

Just a short two years ago, I was on my way driving down the New Jersey Turnpike to Southern New Jersey for the funeral of my sister Marilyn. 

Then, I passed many Rest Stops along the way including the Thomas Edison pictured above.

This year I was doubly sadly in shock on my way down the NJ Turnpike-- to spend Shabbat in a warm caring community to gain comfort and healing for sister Marilyn...

She was so abruptly taken from our family by a metastatic lung cancer. 

I  was preparing to exit the ramp to heed the call of nature and  quaff some Starbucks at the service area named for our  famous luminary (aka the 'Wizard of Menlo Park', NJ ) and, lo and behold, there appeared a sign declaring that this area had closed. 

It seemed so final to me, as if a light had been extinguished, sudden, unanticipated--reminiscent of the final days of Marilyn's precious life.  

Thomas Edison Library courtesy of Wikimedia  Commons  

(I had visited The Thomas Edison National Historic Park in West Orange, NJ many times and found Glenmont,- the family estate home-, his laboratories and his library fully intact as they were when he was still alive.)

This story, however, does have a happy ending.....

 It does lighten up. 

My weekend near Philadelphia was replete with much healing and uplifting of my spirit and that of my departed sister.

 My hosts made me feel at home for the second year in a row and the Synagogue provided me the opportunity to recite many kaddishes (memorial prayers) for her.

I even read a Mishna in her honor. 

When I returned home,  I googled the area and much to my de-light learned that the stop is temporarily closed for renovations and will reopen soon.